Space Saving 90° Pop-up Sorter For Right Angle Transfer

Throughput: 6000-10000 PPH Sorting angle: 90°

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Wide adaptability, low failure   Easy installation, maintenance-free  Highly robust and offers maximum uptime Strong control, high safety, high cost performance Extremely gentle product handling, widely used in various fields in sorting and conveying Offers 90 degree diverts, suitable for tight spaces  High fatigue strength and long service life     The modular and standardized design can combine with most of the customer's conveyor lines Low impact, high performance steering delivery with damage-free to materials  It is the ideal right angle transfer for small or medium-sized sorting sites 90° Pop-up Sorter is mainly composed of there parts, roller, belt and pop-up mechanism. APOLLO 90° Pop-up Sorter is modular design and placement of pop up units depending upon the site requirement, simple and robust, providing high sorting accuracy and efficiency. 90° Pop-up Sorter System developed by APOLLO is an extremely cost effective sortation system designed for low to medium volume centres. APOLLO use efficient and space-saving design to manufacture high-speed sorting systems that cover a smaller footprint, more economical and practical than other automatic sorting technologies on the market.

Product Introduction:

90° pop-up sorter can be configured into sorting system with throughput up to 1500 packages per hour and is based on a highly modular design to scale up seamlessly with your growing needs. Product handling is very smooth and suitable for any fragile goods. Pop up transfers can also be used change the orientation of product from wide side leading to narrow side leading or vice versa. With a compact cassette design, it can be easily fitted into most conveyor frames and roller conveyors or belt conveyors and can be used in a variety of applications for diverting, sorting or mergings.

Standard Specifications:

Item Specification
Sorter type 90°pop-up sorter
Packages type to sort Carton, tray, plastic box, regular packages
Packages size L250*W250*H200mm - L800*W800*H800
Packages weight 0.1-50kg
Sorting throughput Maximum 1500 packages/hour
Sorting direction One side/Double side sorting
Frame material Carbon steel
Machine height 700mm or customize as your request
Working voltage 3 Phase 380V, 415V, 480V
System sofware & DWS Optional
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Get in touchIndustry Applications90° Pop-up Sorter is a kind of economic sorter which can transfer goods at right angle, widely used to transfer goods from branch line into main line, or change goods from the main line to branch line. It is suitable for carton products and sorting efficiency less than 1500 packages/hour, an ideal choice for small or medium-sized warehouse sorting, effectively ensure the accuracy of product outbound data.FrameInsert Pop-up sorter to frameForm sorting system

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